In recent weeks I’ve been having a very hard time with my plans for my future. It’s about that time that my college starts to hold advising appointments as students begin to plan their schedules for the next semester. For someone like me, who is so extremely passionate about my major this shouldn’t be hard, but lately I’ve just felt so defeated.

Let me repeat, I am very passionate about my major and I truly love it. I could go on for hours about the importance of communication and journalism and how exciting I find it all. I light up when I talk about it, which is why I’m feeling so hurt and discouraged right now. I do not understand how someone could look me in the eyes and just squash my dreams or tell me that my major is easy because I don’t need to take science classes and everyone knows how to communicate, or mention how any job (that I probably won’t even get) won’t pay me very much. How can you look at anyone as they talk about their passion and basically tell them that, that thing they love, that thing that makes them feel like they have a purpose in this world, that thing  that makes them feel special isn’t actually important or worth it just because you simply don’t understand it. The ignorance is infuriating.

My mom always told me as a kid, “we’re not ‘rich’ but we’re rich in love.” I’ve decided to simply start ignoring the people who are too ignorant to understand my passions. I know that if I’m doing what I’m passionate about in my future I may not be rich with a mansion and a boat but I’ll be happy and I’ll find another passionate person to share my life with and in the end all will be well and we’ll be rich in love.


One thought on “Passions

  1. Your sister will be rich 😂😂 we can live in her mansion 😂😂. And do t let those peeps discourage you. There will always be a need for what your doing!!

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