In hard times it’s nice to look back on happy memories and know that the hard times will pass. This can become difficult when the once happy memories become tarnished. In recent months I’ve had a lot of once positive memories turn negative; my views of the  people and places permanently damaged. I no longer can look at the pictures and see something I love but instead something I loved.

I am a person who loves change, I truly thrive on it. I think it’s exciting and I often look for it in my life but, certain things are supposed to remain constant and when they don’t I take that hard. I believe that every person has their childhood self tucked away inside themselves. That little imagination and hope. The thought that some things in life are just purely good and magic does exist. I don’t plan on letting that hope go. Instead I would just like to think that maybe I put some of my hope in the wrong places, people, things, and ideas. I do have some purely good things in my life right now (and in the past). The things that no longer seem so magical and great can now just serve as lessons. I’m learning who and what to put my faith and trust in and who I can count on to value my happiness. Those are the things I can focus on during the difficult times. Those are the things that I will keep to be my happy memories in the past present and future.

Here are some pictures that capture happy memories for me. I hope you can recall some of your own.



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