Every single Sunday night I sit in my bed panicking about what the upcoming week will hold. Sundays have a way of making the impending five(ish) days until the next weekend just seem completely unbearable. I truly hate to think this way but I cannot help myself from  stressing and wondering what this week has in store for me. Currently I know that I have one exam and for that exam I will have to study quite a bit. I also know that I will have another photo assignment that I will most likely put off until next Sunday. I have sorority events and a story to work on for SP-TV as well as an interview for a multimedia journalist position with The Pointer, our student newspaper. Truthfully this all seems very daunting, but to me the most daunting part of the whole week is what I don’t know. I don’t know how my exam, events, story, or interview will turn out. I don’t know what other obstacles will unexpectedly arise throughout these next few days. I do know that I did this same exact routine last Sunday and the Sunday before but somehow those weeks turned out okay and I am still here about to take on yet another week. I’ve decided to change today’s Sunday routine though; I took my time to panic but now I am going to take some time to find a few positives about the previous week and the upcoming week.

Last Week

  1. Last Tuesday was Valentines and it was the best I’ve ever had. Yes I know, I haven’t had many Valentines Days yet and I’ll have plenty in the future BUT for now this years was the best.
  2. Wednesday I turned in my Personal Essay assignment. I don’t currently have a grade for it but when I turned it in I felt confident and I knew I gave it my best shot.
  3. On Thursday my sorority extended bids to 8 new girls (who were all very excited to have received them). That night I was also able to get half-apps and share laughs with my sisters.
  4. Friday I got to hang out with Bri and Ben
  5. Saturday I got to take my little (from Big Brothers Big Sisters) to clay corner and she told me she had a lot of fun.


This Upcoming Week

  1. Ben said he would help me study for my exam which makes me feel a lot better about the whole thing.
  2. On Monday I’m getting dinner with Liv.
  3. On Sunday I get to go to Appleton and see my mom and sister and introduce them to Ben.

I may not currently have many things in the upcoming week to look forward to but last Sunday, had I tried to create a list, it would have looked the same way. The unexpected little things are what make life interesting and I’m sure this week will be filled with them. For now all I can do is finish off this Sunday by sleeping and starting Monday with a clear head ready to make this ordinary week extraordinary.



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