In hard times it’s nice to look back on happy memories and know that the hard times will pass. This can become difficult when the once happy memories become tarnished. In recent months I’ve had a lot of once positive memories turn negative; my views of the  people and places permanently damaged. I no longer can look at the pictures and see something I love but instead something I loved.

I am a person who loves change, I truly thrive on it. I think it’s exciting and I often look for it in my life but, certain things are supposed to remain constant and when they don’t I take that hard. I believe that every person has their childhood self tucked away inside themselves. That little imagination and hope. The thought that some things in life are just purely good and magic does exist. I don’t plan on letting that hope go. Instead I would just like to think that maybe I put some of my hope in the wrong places, people, things, and ideas. I do have some purely good things in my life right now (and in the past). The things that no longer seem so magical and great can now just serve as lessons. I’m learning who and what to put my faith and trust in and who I can count on to value my happiness. Those are the things I can focus on during the difficult times. Those are the things that I will keep to be my happy memories in the past present and future.

Here are some pictures that capture happy memories for me. I hope you can recall some of your own.




Every single Sunday night I sit in my bed panicking about what the upcoming week will hold. Sundays have a way of making the impending five(ish) days until the next weekend just seem completely unbearable. I truly hate to think this way but I cannot help myself from  stressing and wondering what this week has in store for me. Currently I know that I have one exam and for that exam I will have to study quite a bit. I also know that I will have another photo assignment that I will most likely put off until next Sunday. I have sorority events and a story to work on for SP-TV as well as an interview for a multimedia journalist position with The Pointer, our student newspaper. Truthfully this all seems very daunting, but to me the most daunting part of the whole week is what I don’t know. I don’t know how my exam, events, story, or interview will turn out. I don’t know what other obstacles will unexpectedly arise throughout these next few days. I do know that I did this same exact routine last Sunday and the Sunday before but somehow those weeks turned out okay and I am still here about to take on yet another week. I’ve decided to change today’s Sunday routine though; I took my time to panic but now I am going to take some time to find a few positives about the previous week and the upcoming week.

Last Week

  1. Last Tuesday was Valentines and it was the best I’ve ever had. Yes I know, I haven’t had many Valentines Days yet and I’ll have plenty in the future BUT for now this years was the best.
  2. Wednesday I turned in my Personal Essay assignment. I don’t currently have a grade for it but when I turned it in I felt confident and I knew I gave it my best shot.
  3. On Thursday my sorority extended bids to 8 new girls (who were all very excited to have received them). That night I was also able to get half-apps and share laughs with my sisters.
  4. Friday I got to hang out with Bri and Ben
  5. Saturday I got to take my little (from Big Brothers Big Sisters) to clay corner and she told me she had a lot of fun.


This Upcoming Week

  1. Ben said he would help me study for my exam which makes me feel a lot better about the whole thing.
  2. On Monday I’m getting dinner with Liv.
  3. On Sunday I get to go to Appleton and see my mom and sister and introduce them to Ben.

I may not currently have many things in the upcoming week to look forward to but last Sunday, had I tried to create a list, it would have looked the same way. The unexpected little things are what make life interesting and I’m sure this week will be filled with them. For now all I can do is finish off this Sunday by sleeping and starting Monday with a clear head ready to make this ordinary week extraordinary.